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“You Are A Sycophant and Comedian”

A former Minister of Education, Dr Oby Ezekwesili, has termed presidential spokesman, Garba Shehu, a sycophant and comedian for the manner in which he handles public office

Ezekwesili said the president’s aide will do better as a comedian in the Nigerian entertainment industry. She was reacting to the recent article by Garba Shehu titled ‘A President’s 32” TV’. An article in which Shehu, A Presidential Media aide eulogizes the President for watching the Super Eagles play Cameroon.

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Ezekwesili gave her reaction in a series of tweets posted via her Twitter handle.

@GarShehu Why not move over to Nollywood and write scripts for their movies? Can’t you folks learn that GOVERNANCE is a SERIOUS MATTER?

Our public officials fail to#Benchmark what they spend their time on against their contemporaries in say, emerging economies. It’s tragic.

oby ezekwesili
Garba Shehu

When information comes out from the stable of the President of a country, Citizens should want to take it SERIOUS. STOP YOUR COMEDIES pls.

The sort of Genuflecting sycophancy that you, [email protected] have written on the Pres @MBuhari makes it DIFFICULT for you to TELL HIM THE TRUTH.

No one who works with a leader&spends their time “singing their praises” is of Value to them. FACE YOUR WORK, people. FACE YOUR REAL WORK!

Dr. Ezekwesili championed the BringBackOurGirls campaign – a movement that put the Government of former President Goodluck Jonathan on its toes concerning the whereabouts of the then missing Chibok girls who were abducted by Islamic insurgents Boko Haram.

The group has also not held back on the currents administrations inability to bring home all the missing girls.

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She has had a distinguished career in public service, was a co-founder of the global anti-corruption body  Transparency International based in Germany.

She also served as Minister of Solid Minerals and then as Federal Minister of Education during the second-term presidency of  Chief Olusegun Obasanjo. Since has held the post of  Vice-President of the World Bank’s Africa division .

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